What do you get when you put a farm girl, with a lot of attitude, a passion for food and all things pretty in the big city?

Still a farm girl, stuck in a corporate world.

Owner and Founder of Lily Lifestyle, mom, Ms DIY (whose favourite colour is glitter) woke up one morning and decided that life is too short to not do what you really want to do and that we are blessed with a short time on this earth, so might as well do what you love.

And what does she love?

Easy, cooking, baking, creating things, family and of course shopping.

Everything I know, I learned from my grandmother, and yes Grandma Jeanette was definitely the best teacher ever.

She taught my how to sew, how to grow vegetables, how to bake and how to cook, what to do, and what not to do.


Lily Lifestyle is not your basic catering company, it is based on values, high standards and home-made food. I offer traditional desserts, because I think that everyone needs to taste a fantastic, proper homemade milk tart, at least once in their life. You just don’t get proper desserts everywhere anymore.


My dream, my vision, my goal? Simple, to provide excellent food to all clients that may cross my path and to contribute (even if its just a little) to making their event or function memorable.


Key Ingredient in every dish, every cake and dessert?

Definitely Lots of Love


Lily Lifestyle

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